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Md Tahmid Hasan

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Centre Affiliation
  • Humanitarian Hub

Short Biography

Mr Hasan has been working as an Anthropologist for over five years, focusing primarily on health and climate change among vulnerable populations. He has worked with Rohingyas, ultra-poor slum populations, LGBT groups, climate migrants, and various indigenous groups as a part of different government, non-government, and UN organizations. He is currently affiliated with the Humanitarian Hub at the BRAC James P Grant School of Public Health, BRAC University. In his current role, he is primarily working on a mixed-method research project in collaboration with Guttmacher Institute (USA), JPGSPH (Bangladesh), and BAPSA (Bangladesh) that aims to explore Rohingya peoples’ knowledge, perception, practices regarding unwanted pregnancies. This project was initially funded by FCDO, UK and then the Government of Netherlands (NORAD). In addition, he is also involved in an International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) funded project that aims to explore the service provision and best practices regarding nutrition education, SBCC interventions, and investment portfolio in the Asia and Pacific region.

Research Interests

Sexual and Reproductive Health Mental Health Stigma Masculinity Infectious Diseases


  • M.S.S. (University of Rajshahi)
  • B.S.S. (University of Rajshahi)

Selected publications

  • “Melvin Chung Pheng Wong, Cheng Sen Tan, Alyssa Yenyi Chan, Nazrana Khaled, Md Tahmid Hasan, Chitra Panchapakesan, Shilpi Tripathi, Kaosar Afsana, May O Lwin, Mark I-Cheng Chen, Zoe Jane-Lara Hildon 2022, Exploring COVID-19 circuit breaker (CB) restrictions at a migrant worker dormitory in Singapore: a case study and nested mixed-method analysis of stress management and mental health, BMJ Open (accepted for publication)”

  • “Alyssa Yenyi Chan, Md Tahmid Hasan, Chitra Panchapakesan, Melvin Chung Pheng Wong, Cheng Sen Tan, Nazrana Khaled, Shilpi Tripathi, Kaosar Afsana, May O Lwin, Mark I-Cheng Chen, Zoe Jane-Lara Hildon 2022, Experiences and perspectives of behavioral interventions for the promotion of prevention and help-seeking related practices in migrant worker communities fighting COVID-19, BMC Public Health (accepted for publication)”

  • “Hasan, Md. Tahmid & Islam, Mesbah. (2020). Shields as Swords: A study on the usage of non-bailable laws as a weapon in divorce in Bangladesh. Social Science Journal, 24 (Special Issue). 371-385. ”

  • “Sarkar, Amrito & Bahauddin, MD & Hasan, Md. Tahmid. (2018). বাজার ব্যবস্থা ও সংস্কৃতি চর্চার নিরিখে আচাষকৃত উদ্ভিদের প্রান্তিকতা. Trinomul Uddag, Vol. 08, Issue: 01, 31-50 ”

  • “Roy, Avijit & Hasan, Md. Tahmid & Sen, Sukanta. (2019). Who are Climate Resilient? Comparing Peoples' Perception and Practice in a Drought and a Saline Prone Area in Bangladesh. Man and Culture, Vol. 04, Issue No. 03, 119-133 ”

Current projects

  • Menstrual Regulation, Abortion, and Post Abortion Care among the Rohingyas in Bangladesh


  • Dean's Award, University Scholarship for Merit, Valedictorian