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Saifa Raz

Research Fellow

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Centre Affiliation
  • Centre Of Excellence For Gender, Sexual And Reproductive Health And Rights (CGSRHR)


Short Biography

Saifa Raz is a statistician, currently holding the Research Fellow position in BRAC James P. Grant Public Health School, BRAC University. She is particularly proficient in statistical inference and survey design with experience on the issue of Sexual and Reproductive Health, food security, maternal and child health, gender and, etc. She graduated with a Master of science from University of Dhaka, Bangladesh and another from University of Calgary, Canada.

Research Interests

Sexual and reproductive health food security maternal and child health gender and etc. Survey design and statistical analysis


  • Masters; University of Calgary
  • Master in Science; University of Dhaka
  • Bachelors; University of Dhaka

Module(s) taught (in MPH)

  • MPH 521

Current projects

  • ARISE; Accountability in Urban Health