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Md Kamrul Hasan

Research Associate

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Centre Affiliation
  • Centre Of Excellence For Urban Equity And Health (CUEH)


Short Biography

Over three years have passed since Kamrul Hasan began working in the field of research. He earned his Economics bachelor's degree from East West University in Dhaka, Bangladesh. He began working as an intern at the Asian Centre for Development during his last semester. He began working as a research assistant at BRAC JPGSPH immediately after graduating. He has since participated in numerous research projects, both quantitative and qualitative, in a variety of capacities. His main area of interest, as a young economics graduate, is quantitative research methods that concentrate on socioeconomic themes. He is currently engaged in a few research that are concerned with urban and health issues.

Research Interests

Development Economics Experimental Economics Impact Evaluation Health Economics


  • B.S.S (East West University)

Current projects

  • Air and noise monitoring campaign study
  • Transportation and mobility