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Ipsita Sutradhar

Senior Research Fellow

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Centre Affiliation
  • Centre Of Excellence For Science Of Implementation And Scale-Up (COE-SISU)



Short Biography

Dr. Ipsita Sutradhar is a Public Health professional with more than five years of experience in research and teaching. She completed her MBBS from Dhaka Medical College and MPH from BRAC JPGSPH. She also pursued her MSc in Epidemiology from Imperial College London, UK. Dr. Ipsita is experienced in designing and implementing Epidemiological studies and performing Statistical analysis using R. Her research interest includes Epidemiology of Non-communicable diseases (NCDs), Mixed-method Research, and Implementation Research. She published more than 15 research articles in international peer-reviewed journals. She also presented her research findings in international conferences like European Public Health Conference 2020. Dr. Ipsita is currently working as a Senior Research Fellow at BRAC JPGSPH. She is a prospective PhD student at the University of Oxford, UK.

Research Interests

Non-communicable Disease Diabetes Epidemiology Mixed-method Research Implementation Research


  • MSc Epidemiology (Imperial College London)
  • MPH (BRAC University)
  • M.B.B.S. (Dhaka Medical College)

Module(s) taught (in MPH)

  • Quantitative Research Method
  • Ageing and Health
  • Introduction to Implementation Research

Selected publications

  • “Sutradhar, I., Hasan, M., Akter, T., Gupta, R.D., Joshi, H., Haider, M.R. and Sarker, M. (2020). Gradual Shifting of Overweight and Obesity towards Poor and Less Educated Women of Reproductive Age in Nepal. Journal of Biosocial Science. 53(2), 214-232.”

  • “Sutradhar, I., Gayen, P., Hasan, M., Gupta, R.D., Roy, T. and Sarker, M. (2019). Eye diseases: the neglected health condition among urban slum population of Dhaka, Bangladesh. BMC Ophthalmology, 19(1), 38.”

  • “Sutradhar, I., Jackson-deGraffenried, M., Akter, S., McMahon, S.A., Waid, J.L., Schmidt, H.P., Wendt, A.S. and Gabrysch, S. (2021). Introducing urine-enriched biochar-based fertilizer for vegetable production: acceptability and results from rural Bangladesh. Environment, Development and Sustainability, pp.1-22.”

  • “Sutradhar, I., Gupta, R. D., Hasan, M., Wazib, A., & Sarker, M. (2019). Prevalence and risk factors of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in Bangladesh: A systematic review. Cureus, 11(1).”

  • “Hasan, M., Sutradhar, I., Akter, T., Gupta, R.D., Joshi, H., Haider, M.R. and Sarker, M. (2018). Prevalence and determinants of hypertension among adult population in Nepal: Data from Nepal Demographic and Health Survey 2016. PloS One, 13(5), p.e0198028.”

Full list of Publications

Current projects

  • Development and Validation of a Diabetic Retinopathy (DR) Risk Stratification Approach in Bangladesh

On the news

  • Sutradhar, I., Akter, S., Schmidt, H.P., Gabrysch, S. Urine-Biochar as Fertilizer! Would Bangladeshi Farmers Accept It? Published on June 27, 2017 in LANSA website. Link: Sutradhar, I. Stop Diabetic Retinopathy Before It Starts. Published on August 3, 2021 in The Daily Star. Link:


  • NIHR Trainee Award for pursuing MSc Epidemiology at Imperial College London (2019), High Performance Employee Award, BRAC JPGSPH (2018).